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The cost depends on the number of participants. The cost depends on the number of participants
2 participants3 participants4/5 participants
30 €
per person
25 €
per person
20 €
per person
By booking multiple rooms at the same time, the cost will always be €20 per person.
No, it's not necessary. You will pay on the day of your booking.
The maximum time you have inside the room is 1 hour.
It will also take some time to prepare and explain the game to you, so the entire experience will take 1 hour and a half.
We are open by appointment only.

Here you can see available slots, or try calling us at 3485491566.
In one room, a group of 2 to 5 people can participate.
If you have a larger group, you can divide into multiple rooms to play simultaneously.
Children under 10 years old must enter accompanied by parents, and they cannot enter if they are under 7 years old.
No, there is nothing dangerous or scary inside the rooms.
If you have issues with claustrophobia, please let us know immediately. We can find a solution, such as leaving the doors unlocked.
No, you don't need anything special to participate.
However, please note that in the room themed after Alice in Puzzleland, you enter without shoes.
You can book online independently at the following link

or call 3485491566.

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