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“La grande fuga” what is this?

La grande fuga-The great escape room is a real-life escape game in the city center. It is part scavenger hunt and part puzzle game in wich teams of up to 5 players work together to solve the mission.

You will certainly remember for several days that amazing hour full of adrenaline spent inside the room of “La grande fuga”, where you will find original objects, scenes designed with imagination and creative missions.

You don’t need to be scientists or have any knowledge of chemistry, physics or math: the key is only ingenuity and team work. You will not be scared, there won’t be animals in the room, you will not require any physical effort, you’ll only need your powers of observation, creativity and sense of humor. Time flies as mystery after mystery is revealed, and you switch to a new enigma while the adrenaline increases!

Our goal is to convey to all players that indescribable feeling of joy – ”a vital flow “- that you get when you play. Are you ready for the challenge? Press the button below and book. The adventure is waiting for you!



The Terrorist nest


They were incredulous at the police station but unfortunately the news is confirmed: the city of Trieste is the next terrorist target, who decided to explode it. No one expected that the capital of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia could be target by terrorists. This conclusion was confirmed after a meticulous work conducted by the police. The entire city and all its inhabitants are in serious danger, the police needs reinforcements. We need a specialized intervention, men who are able to deal with the situation and avoid a massacre. A special mission requires a special team. We need S.W.A.T agents to prevent a catastrophe and save Trieste!
Are you brave enough to join the S.W.A.T team?

Ideal for: friends, kids, families and couples from 2 to 5 players

Alice nel paese degli indovinelli escape room

Alice in the world of riddles


This is not a normal story, but a very special one, where everything can change when Alice is around.
Curious Curious, it is wonderland…
a magical place where everything seems to be possible. You can chase the rabbit in to this magical world, but be patient, because you might not know where you will go.
But If you don’t know where you want to go, it does not matter which road you take, but remember to collaborate or you might lose your head.
Book now and you will be brought into a magical world where not to get mad you will need to eat something sweet.

Ideal for: friends, kids, families and couples from 2 to 5 players

Laboratorio Escape Room Trieste

Secret Lab


The media avoids news about IQ70 not to increase the panic, but people are jet worried.
Messages that launches the World Health Organization are not tranquilizing, Alessandro Lught (secretary) has used very strong words at the press conference of the Emergency Committee on the epidemic in Trieste, calling it “one of the most alarming epidemics of last 40 years”. The virus was created by Dr. Bellucci to eliminate people with an IQ of lower than 70. There is only one way to save yourself, find the antidote that is hidden in the laboratory of Dr. Bellucci in Trieste, but the antidote is protected by a series of logical tests and locks. Will you be able to unlock them and save yourself?

Ideal for: friends and couples from  2 to 5 players

Escape Room Trst

Maximum Security Prison


You have been trapped, captured and imprisoned for a life sentence in a maximum security prison. You are handcuffed behind the iron bars that seem indestructible in a prison where the sun has not yet set foot. But there must be a way to escape. A tough mission awaits you: refined your logic, collaborate and try all for all, but beware, if they discover that you are trying to escape, you will forever remain there to suffer …

Ideal for: small groups of friends, kids, families and couples (ideal number 2-4 players, maximum 5 players)


Perfect amusement for:

Gamers & Geeks

You’re pretty smart and you’ve proven your ability to unlock that next level online. But can you perform in real life? Take it up a notch – a LIVE escape challenge. Pull the digital action and adventure you love online into a real-world setting. Do you have what it takes to find clues, solve ciphers, crack codes, and use your skills to get out?

Friends & Family

Break the norm! Turn off the TV and make some real-life memories together! The Escape Experience is the perfect way to spend quality social time with family and friends. An escape attempt from one of our cleverly designed rooms is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. If you’re tired of just staring at screens, then this is the challenge for you.

Travelers & Tourists

You’ve seen the historic sites and walked around the streets long enough. Now you’re ready to try the latest and most exciting attraction in town. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, “La grande fuga” themed escape experience is a must stop destination, something you will not want to miss, and the most fun-filled hour you’ll have in the city.

A Fun Date Night!

You took her to a dinner and movie three times already! Now the pressure’s on for you to come up with something new and exciting. You don’t dance – so that’s out. Lucky for you, “La grande fuga” has moved into town. She’ll think you’re smart for suggesting it, and she’ll tell all her friends what a great date you are. Yeah, I know… You’re welcome.

Team Building!

Enhance group communication and foster teamwork in just one hour or less while learning to work collaboratively in this action packed pursuit of shared achievement. The Escape Experience concept is a recognized form of corporate team building entertainment in Europe and Asia. Now this fun group development activity is available to companies in Trieste.

Special Moments!

Bachelorette Parties. Birthdays. New Year’s Eve? Whatever the case, break the ice and loosen things up by spending one hour with us. Our escape scenarios are sure to be an adventure you’ll be talking about for weeks to come. If you’re celebrating and looking for something fun and hip to do in Trieste, there’s an excellent chance that the Ecape Experience is for you.













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